Friday, June 9

Junqueras’s right hand asks the CNI to say if it has investigated him before his trial for the process

The trials of the procés have not finished and the procedures are being fulfilled before they are held. This Tuesday, the president of the ERC National Council and his group in Parliament, Josep Maria Jové, Oriol Junqueras’s right-hand man in 2017, has asked the court to judge him by the referendum to ask the National Intelligence Center (CNI) if he has carried out “some type of criminal or intelligence investigation” against him.

The Justice reactivates the cause of espionage against independentistas and orders to ask the CNI if it bought Pegasus


This is stated in Jové’s defense brief presented this Wednesday before the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC). The Prosecutor’s Office requests 7 years in prison and 32 years of disqualification for Jové, and six years in prison and 27 years of disqualification for Lluís Salvadó, number 3 of the Economy in 2017 for embezzlement, prevarication and disobedience. Together with both ERC leaders, the current Minister of Culture, Natàlia Garriga, Junqueras’ adviser six years ago and who is now demanding a year of disqualification for disobedience, will go on trial.

In this way, Jové intends to bring out in the hearing on 1-O the espionage of which he was supposedly a victim by the CNI two years later through the Pegasus program. On May 26, he will go to declare himself harmed before the judge in this case after the Barcelona Court, in an unprecedented decision, ordered the investigating judge to thoroughly investigate the case after a year without progress in the investigations.

Facing his trial for 1-O, Jové requests that the court ask the CNI if it has evidence of having carried out “some type of criminal or intelligence investigation” against him, and if it has included the interception of his communications or their computer equipment and telephones.

In addition to challenging the entire Civil Guard investigation, considering it prospective and illegal, Jové claims to be the victim of a “political and judicial strategy to put an end to the independence movement”, which was consummated in the secret case led by court 13 of Barcelona on the preparations for 1-O and the searches and arrests ordered on September 20.

According to Jové’s defense, the police operation that worked, in his opinion, without judicial control to build his cause and articulate a “prospective investigation into any specific fact, nor in relation to any specific person, based on a criminalization of ideologies and projects legal and legitimate politicians” The only indication, in Jové’s opinion, was his independence movement.

“The general case initiated, therefore, not only ran through prospective police and judicial procedures but also through clearly illegal procedures,” Jové adds to the defense brief, referring to the espionage with Pegasus.

In the most political part of the letter, Jové calls for the construction of political alternatives to resolve the political conflict between Catalonia and the State: “In the face of a conflict of a political nature, only political solutions are possible; opting for judicial answers will not solve it”.

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