Monday, August 8

Junts approves in its congress to eliminate the inheritance tax and the donation tax

Junts has closed its national congress this Sunday by charging again against the dialogue table between the Generalitat and the Government and making a strong defense of the so-called “mandate of October 1”. The general secretary, Jordi Turull, has asked the independence movement to avoid “more resignations” and “take action” and the president, Laura Borràs, has also addressed messages against ERC and its commitment to dialogue. “Not being at any dialogue table is the best way to defend a real negotiation,” said the President of the Parliament.

The tortuous path of Laura Borràs towards her suspension as a deputy

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The delegates have voted this Sunday the four papers that were approved yesterday and have obtained great support. In these presentations, the party advocates eliminating inheritance tax and donation tax, as well as a reduction from 50 to 45% of the maximum rate of personal income tax.

Junts has also approved his resignation from the dialogue table, the aforementioned defense “of the mandate of October 1” and a change in his statutes that will lower the demands on his charges charged with corruption: a guarantee commission will decide if he remains in office to leaders convicted of corruption if they consider that they are victims of “lawfare” (legal war), in a reform that comes when the Prosecutor’s Office asks the president of the party for six years in prison for splitting contracts to benefit a friend.

The nationalist formation has also approved the possibility of consulting the bases -without a specific date- about their permanence in the Government as well as about the continuity of their pact with the PSC in the Diputació de Barcelona. During this Sunday it has also been approved that the president of the new national council (a non-executive position) will be the former minister Josep Rull.

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