Wednesday, December 7

Junts asks Aragonès for the reinstatement of Puigneró for a last-minute agreement with ERC

The express negotiation proposed by Junts to ERC to remake the crisis of the Government has begun with an unaffordable request for Pere Aragonès. The postconvergents have asked the president of the Generalitat to amend his only blow of authority during the conflict and reappoint the vice president dismissed on Wednesday, Jordi Puigneró.

Aragonès takes the head of his vice president and complicates the survival of the Government

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Junts’ request, advanced by Europa Press, complicates the express negotiation proposed by the convergents to the president, which already seemed difficult from the outset once the party announced it at the same time that it called an internal consultation for next week on the departure of the Government .

Aragonès, who throughout the crisis has wanted to mark a presidential profile by urging Junts to resolve their internal debates on the departure of the Executive, limited Puigneró’s use of his prerogative to dismiss ministers. As justified by the president, Puigneró was “disloyal” and did not inform him of Junts’ intention to claim a matter of trust. On the other hand, Aragonès expressed that he continues to trust the rest of the Junts ministers.

Junts has taken 24 hours to deliver to Aragonès the document announced this Thursday at a press conference. Its general secretary, Jordi Turull, did not anticipate that the reinstatement of the vice president would be among the conditions, but limited them to the already known discrepancies between partners: create a space for pro-independence coordination, unity of action in Madrid and limit the dialogue table to self-determination and amnesty.

This Friday, neither of the two parties has lowered the tension in the Parliament and the atmosphere did not ring bells of agreement, rather the opposite. While Aragonès has summoned Junts to decide “quickly” whether to break up the Government, the postconvergents have responded by distancing themselves from the Republicans in several votes.

Aragonès’s brief speech has not been applauded by the Junts parliamentary group, but it has been applauded by some ministers of this party, such as Jaume Giró or Victòria Alsina, who are clear supporters of avoiding the rupture.

The abstention of the deputies of Junts has made it possible to approve a PSC-Units resolution that disapproved the management of the Minister of Education, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, in matters of Vocational Training, something that has caused discomfort in the ranks of the ERC, which reproaches your partner who is already acting as opposition.

Although script twists at the last minute are common in Catalan politics, everything already seems to focus on a story battle to see who bears the cross of the crisis rather than trying to resolve it. On Sunday there will be confirmation of whether the express negotiation has been a success or a failure.