Saturday, September 25

Junts asks Aragonès not to go to the dialogue table if Pedro Sánchez does not attend

More pressure for ERC by its members of Junts on behalf of the dialogue table with the Government. JxCat has demanded this Monday that Pere Aragonès not attend the meeting scheduled for this week if Pedro Sánchez does not attend. The spokeswoman for the formation, Elsa Artadi, has considered that the plan of the President of the Government would be a contempt both to the Generalitat and to the table itself, for which she has demanded a “response” to the height.

“Given the real possibility that Pedro Sánchez does not attend, we believe that Pere Aragonès should not attend due to institutional dignity. The decision will be his, but we believe that there must be some response from the Generalitat to this contempt,” Artadi indicated at a press conference. For the spokeswoman, the fact that the Prime Minister has not yet confirmed his attendance is a “sign” of the “little seriousness and little importance that he gives to the dialogue table.”

A “contempt” that, for Artadi, is not accidental but is perfectly calculated from the central government to downplay the importance of the meeting. “With these comings and goings on whether or not the government will attend the dialogue table, it seems that it wants to humiliate,” said the spokeswoman. “It shows how little desire they have to solve the conflict,” he added.

Along the same lines, the Junts have referred to the wishes of the delegation of ministers to introduce topics such as the expansion of El Prat or infrastructures on the agenda. “The table was not about that and from JxCat we will make sure that the table is about what it has to go, investment issues or competencies are different folders,” he explained. “We assume the presence at this table with the loyalty that the investiture agreement requires us,” he recalled, and then assured that they will not accept “that the table is used to demobilize the independence movement.”

The Junts spokeswoman has also once again put distance between her party and this table, of which she has said that they have always warned of the “weaknesses of the instrument.” “This table comes out of an agreement for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, which was done behind the back and in secret to the independence movement and therefore the one who has the responsibility of making it work is ERC and the PSOE,” Artadi pointed out, passing to his partners from Govern all the pressure on the smooth running of space.

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