Thursday, October 28

Junts assures that the arrest of Puigdemont “calls into question” the dialogue table

Junts per Catalunya has reloaded this Monday, with renewed energy, against the dialogue table between the central Government and the Generalitat. As the spokeswoman Elsa Artadi has defended at a press conference, the arrest of Carles Puigdemont in Sardinia last week “calls into question” this table, since it “shows that the real will of Pedro Sánchez is to chronify the conflict,” he said. Artadi has also downplayed the importance of the space, which he has described as a “table between parliamentary partners in Madrid”, implying that it is more of a coordination mechanism between parties than a true negotiation.

“This is easier than creating a table that faces the resolution of the political conflict,” he said. “This also explains the exclusion of Junts, because it is a demanding and uncomfortable formation with the table,” he added. For the Junts leader, the “failed arrest” of Puigdemont is “the biggest mistake of the State since 1-O”, she has indicated, which in her opinion shows that the strategy followed by the former president and the rest of the independentistas in the alien is correct.

For its part, ERC has also used the detention of the MEP to increase the degree of demand towards the Government. As explained by the republican spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, her party demands that the central Executive give answers to the multiple cases opened against various pro-independence leaders. “We tell Sánchez that he cannot put himself in profile, to tiptoe through the repression and prosecution and make sure that he does not go with them,” Vilalta assured. “The Government must make a political proposal, because otherwise it will be an accomplice of this repression and of the unceasing persecution of the independence movement.”

Sánchez must make a proposal for a “political solution,” argue the Republicans, because “profound reforms are needed in the State, in the judicial and police system, and who has the capacity to do so the Spanish Government.” For this reason, Vilalta has claimed that “do not look for excuses and say what your proposal is,” which for ERC goes through amnesty despite being open to assessing others, as indicated.

With this argument, the Republicans have issued a warning to the Government regarding the General State Budgets. “You will have to make a lot of effort if you want some kind of support from ERC. We are far away and we see steps that go in the opposite direction,” said Vilalta, who nevertheless indicated that his position continues to be “that of talking about everything, too. to help improve budgets that directly affect the citizens of our country “.

The ERC deputy, however, has rejected the idea that the table has been discredited by the episode of Puigdemont in Sardinia. “There is no other way, we have one, which is the negotiated one and that is how we can seek political and democratic answers,” he said. “We reaffirm ourselves in this democratic and negotiated path, which is what the citizenship and also the international authorities ask of us,” Vilalta added.