Tuesday, October 19

Junts brings to Parliament a Catalan audiovisual law to overcome the state one

The parliamentary group of Junts has presented this Thursday a bill of the audiovisual sector before the Catalan Chamber, in full debate on the Spanish regulations that the central government prepares. The training considers that the best way to shield content in Catalan, both on conventional television and on Netflix-like platforms, is to promote its own Catalan regulations instead of having its claims included in state law, an option for which it is committed ERC.

The president of the Junts parliamentary group, Albert Batet, explained that his party wants the Parliament to approve in an “extraordinary” and “urgent” way the new audiovisual regulation in Catalonia to face the “offensive” of the Government against the Catalan. As Batet has assured, the central Executive refuses to shield Catalan in the draft of the general law, despite the fact that this week Vice President Nadia Calviño chose to withdraw the processing project to be able to negotiate with ERC. The republicans for their part claim a wording that is more favorable to minority languages ​​and link this issue to the general state budgets.

Junts has preferred not to focus on the negotiation of state law and has chosen to present its own bill, despite the fact that Batet has explained that they remain open to talking with the government about the basic regulations. “We want the Government to change the wording of the state law,” explained the leader of the Junts, who has assured that the Government has not taken into account in the draft the Catalan sector, the Government or the Consell de l ‘ Catalan Audiovisual. But this negotiation with the central Executive, he said, “is not incompatible with legislating in Parliament in a key sector such as audiovisuals.”

The text registered this Thursday states that, of the total catalog offered by the platforms in Catalonia, it is mandatory to offer at least a 15% quota of total production in Catalan or Aranese. In addition, the Junts proposal attributes new CAC powers in its work to protect citizens, especially minors and minorities, on “harmful” content for promoting hatred, misinformation, pornography or violence.

The measures contained in this bill regarding the protection of Catalan surpass the allegations that the Government had sent to the Ministry and that ERC had seized upon in its negotiation. For example, the Government proposed that the quota dedicated to Catalan be half of what the European directive allows for local languages, which is 15% in total, so the objective of the Republicans is that the state law gives a 7 , 5% to Catalan, Galician and Basque in the whole of Spain. On the other hand, the draft of Junts claims to reach the maximum and that 15% of the production be in Catalan, although only for the catalog offered in Catalonia, which would leave out other Catalan-speaking territories.

The discussion between ERC and Junts on this question is about the effectiveness of each option. Republicans assure that the regional law would be appealed to the Constitutional Court, either by the Government or by the opposition of the PP and Vox, so the options to prosper are limited. Instead they see the opportunity to influence state regulation as a historic occasion for Catalan. At the other extreme, from the Junts they understand that the state law has started on the wrong foot and that, no matter how much it is amended, it will not reach the objectives that a law approved in Parliament can achieve.


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