Friday, September 22

Junts elects Anna Erra as Laura Borràs’s replacement to preside over Parliament

11 months have passed since Laura Borràs was suspended as president of Parliament and only two since a court convicted and disqualified her. Now that the Electoral Board has finally withdrawn the act of deputy, Junts has finally agreed to make a move and has chosen the vice president of the formation and acting mayor of Vic, Anna Erra, to replace Borràs in the presidency of Parliament.

The name of Erra, a person very close to the general secretary, Jordi Turull, but who had also been endorsed by Carles Puigdemont, had sounded for weeks in the party as the candidate with the best chances to lead the Chamber, despite the fact that the Borràs’s party sector did not want such a quick resolution nor did it see Erra as the best option. However, this Tuesday Borràs and Erra have arrived together at the Executive meeting to symbolize that there would be no war between sectors.

The Parliament will elect the new president next Friday, in a plenary session in which no surprises are expected. Junts will present Erra while the PSC has already announced that her bet is Assumpta Escarp. But ERC opts to maintain the current balance in Parliament and support the Junts candidate, a gesture along the lines of rebuilding the understandings between the independence bloc also to give stability to the Government.

Erra, 58, has governed the city of Vic since 2015 but in the last elections he decided not to repeat himself in municipal politics and focus on Catalan politics, in which he has gained projection. In the congress that Junts held in July 2022, Erra unexpectedly placed herself as the second most voted for the Executive, ahead of Borràs, and since then her name has been mentioned as a possible successor to Borràs in the Chamber.

ERC has already announced its support for Erra, while the CUP has stood out, as it did with Borràs, and will not support the Junts candidate. Nor will Erra reap the support of the rest of the parties, who will propose their own candidates. But, except for surprise, none will be able to get the 65 votes that Junts will add.