Friday, October 7

Junts hangs up from the meeting with the comuns to negotiate the Catalan budgets

Junts has chosen not to attend the meeting with the commons that the Government had called this Sunday afternoon. The objective of the meeting was to negotiate the withdrawal of the amendment to the totality of the accounts that will be voted on Monday in the Parliament, after the CUP confirmed that it would vote against processing the bill. Faced with this situation, the Government activated the En Comú Podem route, with whom they have held some meetings. This Sunday, however, the Executive of the Junts decided to withdraw from the negotiations and that the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, did not attend the meeting.

“The minister has made very good budgets for the reactivation of the country, which are the ones that have been negotiated. The new conversations between Esquerra with comuns are more at the political level and not so much at the budgetary level,” explained Economy sources. Following the decision of the party leadership, no member of the Junts, either at the level of the Government or of the parties, has attended the meeting.

The general secretary of Junts, Jordi Sànchez, has appeared at a press conference to explain his unchecking of the negotiation. “The budgets presented by the minister Jaume Giró are good budgets to advance the independence majority, on the one hand, and to lay the foundations to get out of the situation generated by the pandemic,” he assured, after what he called everyone the formations to do “an act of responsibility” to enable the accounts.

However, it has justified that there is no negotiation with En Comú Podem due to the ideological distance with its social policies. “Junts will not sacrifice good budgets to incorporate policies that can lead us to repeat policies that we do not like. We will not take policies from the Barcelona City Council so that these disastrous policies affect the whole of the country,” he said. Sànchez has also denied that the accounts are going to undergo a “180 degree turn” as the leader of the commons Jéssica Albiach had said.

On the other hand, the ERC part of the Government has expressed “discomfort and surprise”, according to the ACN agency. Sources from the Palau de la Generalitat have indicated to the agency that they do not understand this decision and consider that the negotiation is now in the hands of the Republicans. These same sources emphasize that Giró’s absence is surprising since it was his ministry that called the meeting.

The decision taken by Junts goes along the lines already set by the party in the meeting last Tuesday, after learning that the CUP would present an amendment. At that time, the partners of the Government collided over the way forward, since although ERC was betting on going to see the comuns, Junts was more in favor of accepting an abstention from the PSC that they considered would be “free”.