Monday, October 25

Junts insists on expanding El Prat after ERC considered it “a closed folder”

The vice president of the Government and Minister of Territory, Jordi Puigneró (Junts) works in “various scenarios” to expand the Barcelona-El Prat Airport, something that he sees as compatible with preserving the protected natural area of ​​La Ricarda. The number two of the Government thus insists on the project after the Government discarded it and the Regional Minister for Climate Action, Teresa Jordà (ERC) considered it “a closed folder.”

As reported by the Vice Presidency of the Government this Saturday, the Ministry of Territory continues to work so that the expansion of the aerodrome is “viable” with the environmental preservation of Delta del Llobregat and especially with the La Ricarda lagoon, an area protected by the Natura 2000 Network of the European Union.

The position of Vice President has come after The vanguard has published that Puigneró proposes as an alternative to extend the third runway of the airport both to the east and to the west in order to minimize the impact on La Ricarda. Vice Presidency has ruled out evaluating “unofficial proposals.”

According to the newspaper, the immediate will of the Ministry is not to close a technical option for the airport to grow but to resume the talks with the Government, frozen since the announcement of the suspension of the investment. The operation had drawn much criticism for its impact on a protected area and for being contrary to the objectives of reducing emissions and combating climate change.

The Vice Presidency has assured that its objective is to specify the proposal in the airport’s master plan, which in its opinion the central Executive “made impossible” by breaking “unilaterally” the agreement of August 2 (which was not written but verbal between Puigneró and the minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez).

The division between ERC and Junts on the airport project was already reflected after the agreement between Puigneró and Sánchez and was, according to the Government, the main reason that led to exclude from investments for the next five years the 1,700 million euros that were destined to the expansion of El Prat.

In an interview in, Jordà (ERC), in addition to considering the extension “a closed folder”, charged against the “blackmail” that, in his opinion, Aena had submitted to the Government and warned of the “contradiction” between increasing the number of flights and the weather emergency situation.

Despite this, in recent weeks the PSC and Junts have advocated because there may still be some possibility of recovering the project. Socialists and postconvergents supported the airport expansion project in a resolution proposal in the last general policy debate of the Parliament, from which ERC declined.

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