Monday, August 15

Junts opens an investigation into a party member for harassing minors from the youth

The management of Junts has decided to open an information file on the alleged case of sexual harassment of members of the Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya (JNC), an organization that once brought together the youth of Convergència and now brings together the youth of Junts.

Paula Bonet’s stalker alleges that the threats were “sarcasm” and that he was upset

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This weekend several militants made public on Twitter that a former Convergència official in Tarragona and affiliated with Junts had harassed several militants of the youth organization for years. At a press conference, the Junts spokesman, Josep Rius, explained that the defender of the affiliate, Josep Pagès, has made himself available to all the militants to convey the complaints to the Guarantees Commission. Rius has assured that the case will be treated “with all the serenity, sensitivity and guarantees that it requires”.

According to Nil García, one of the possible victims, the events occurred eight years ago and the young man, who at that time was just 16 years old, denounced it internally to the party. “They saw no indication of malpractice in a 50-year-old guy discussing sex with two 16-17-year-old boys and having a video of one masturbating,” he stated.

The messages of this first victim have generated an avalanche of responses from other young people who supposedly went through similar situations. One of the JNC councilors also has affirmed that the stalker – who is only identified by the letter “Q” – has spent years “repeating the same pattern” with some of the organization’s younger members.