Friday, September 24

Junts refuse to change representatives at the dialogue table: “Moncloa has vetoed us”

Junts will not change delegation at the dialogue table after the controversy generated within the Government. The formation maintains its four elected representatives, of which only the vice-president Jordi Puigneró is a member of the Executive, so he will leave ERC alone in the representation of the Generalitat during the meeting they will hold with the central government this Wednesday. However, the general secretary of the Junts, Jordi Sànchez, has avoided charging against President Pere Aragonès and has blamed the central government for vetoing names and imposing their conditions.

“We have the feeling that Moncloa has vetoed us and has vetoed a part of the Catalan delegation, surely because it is not in a position to negotiate self-determination and an end to repression,” Sànchez said. A veto that, for the leader of the Junts, “shows once again that the Spanish side is failing the will to undertake negotiation and dialogue.”

Sànchez has also indicated that his party had not signed any commitment to send only members of the governments to this table. “There was no agreement in writing or verbal,” he assured, denying the words spoken this Tuesday by Aragonès. According to Sànchez’s version, Aragonès had transferred his preference to him because it was only members of the executives who met, but the Junts would not have confirmed this term, according to his version.

“We do not lose heart, we continue to offer Aragonés our hand to participate in this delegation if he considers it so,” explained Sànchez, who nevertheless has refused to change any of the members of his delegation because it would create a “bad precedent.”

The secretary general has avoided putting more gasoline on the fire between partners and has focused his criticism on Madrid. “No government crisis has been opened,” he said. “If I believed that Aragonès has vetoed us, he personally, the situation would be different,” said Sànchez, who then indicated that he believed it was a condition of the Government. Regarding relations within the Government, he recalled that he has a legislative agreement and “confidence that, as Aragonès and other ERC leaders say, we will obtain a resolution to the conflict,” he said.

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