Monday, March 4

Junts urges ERC to meet the pro-independence objectives of the Government agreement: “We cannot continue like this”

The secretary general of Junts, Jordi Turull, urged the ERC on Monday to comply with the independence strategy of the Govern agreement, since he considers that it is not being fulfilled: “We cannot continue like this”, he maintained. The formation maintains the tone of tension with its government partner, but in turn has ruled out breaking with the Republicans and gives itself a margin until the General Policy Debate to debate it.

Pressure on Borràs to accept his relief in the presidency of the Parliament by another member of Junts

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In a press conference from Girona, together with the president of the party, Laura Borràs, the general secretary of Junts explained that the Executive of Junts has unanimously decided to get to work until the General Policy Debate to decide on the continuity of the Govern .

This party meeting has analyzed the result of the audit carried out by Junts on compliance with the Government agreement: “The conclusion we draw is that we cannot continue like this. We signed a government agreement to bring us closer to the independence of Catalonia. The application that is being made of the agreement, what it is doing is that it distances us more than it brings us closer”, he lamented.

Turull explained that the document is concentrated in two large blocks. On the one hand, the sector and, on the other, the national. Of the first, he has said, they make a “positive assessment”, but of the second, no. “The conclusion we draw is that we cannot continue like this because we signed an agreement designed to bring us closer to the conditions to complete 1-O and what is being done is precisely a dynamic that distances us much further than what about,” he insisted.

In this sense, he has stated that the agreement signed with ERC “is not being fulfilled” and that the priority now is to “reverse” the situation and, with it, all the elements that do not work. Among them, the dialogue table or the strategic direction of the process.

Turull has expressed that it is a “very important moment and that they want to make decisions thinking with their heart and head”, not “with their stomach”. For this reason, the horizon of the General Policy debate has been set to try to recover the initiative on the part of the independence movement. Turull has insisted that they do not want a new agreement but rather that the current one be fulfilled and, therefore, has ruled out breaking it in the short term.

However, he added that once the debate is over, they will meet again to assess “the results obtained” and they will have to “make a decision. “The Junts affiliates will have the last word”, he has insisted, and has remarked that the will of the party is to concentrate on “solutions” because “people are waiting for us to go to one again”.

Regarding the presidency of the Parliament, both Borràs and Turull have closed ranks and have reiterated that for them the only president is her. “We will not enter into any dynamic that questions this. We have already said that a problem that we have not generated should not be transferred to us”, said Turull. In this sense, he has stressed that the reconsideration that they have presented offers the “possibility” of reversing the situation. Turull has also said that he does not feel any “pressure”. “When you have very clear ideas, you don’t feel,” he added.