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Junts validates David Torrents, akin to Borràs, as organization secretary

Junts has validated David Torrents as the new organization secretary after a second vote in which he has obtained the support of just over 60% of the militants who have voted, reports the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN).

Clash between the Borràs and Turull sectors in the new direction of Junts: “There are people who have closed the independence folder”

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Close to Laura Borràs, the new president of the party, Torrents did not obtain sufficient support in the Argelès congress, in accordance with the internal regulations of the party. However, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, chose to put his candidacy back to the vote.

The second consultation has had an even lower participation than the previous one and has served to give the go-ahead, jointly, to Torrents as secretary of organization, and to Ester Vallès –also close to Borràs– and Lluís Guinó as new members of the Executive .

In a published statement, Turull has expressed his satisfaction with the result because “it demonstrates the unitary spirit of the Junts affiliates”. He has also reiterated that the commitment to Torrents as secretary of the organization was due to the “balance of the agreement of the unitary candidacy”. Borràs and Turull agreed on a joint candidacy to share power at the top of the party.

With their agreement before the congress, Turull and Borràs sought to shield the formation and unite the two currents of the party they represent. Unlike the stage with Carles Puigdemont as president and Jordi Sànchez as general secretary, now Borràs has acquired more executive functions and has the same weight as Turull when it comes to marking the roadmap and Junts’ pact policy.

However, in the vote in Argelès, Turull emerged as the most voted figure with 1,854 supports, while the president of the Parlament was third with 1,791 votes. Torrents only received 918 votes, less than 50% of the most voted in her bloc, a requirement established by the party regulations to obtain the position for which she had applied, that of organization secretary. Nor did Vallès receive enough support to be chosen as a vocalist.

In view of the results, Turull preferred to submit Torrents’ candidacy to militancy in a second vote with different rules. In the telematic consultation that Junts has carried out these last two days, the affiliates could only vote for or against Torrents as secretary of the organization and Vallès i Guinó as members of the executive. The latter was proposed by Turull to replace Miquel Sàmper, who had resigned due to incompatibility as a member of the Govern’s Legal Advisory Commission.

In other words, the second consultation was carried out en bloc and, furthermore, it was only taken into account that there were more votes in favor than against in order to ratify the charges. The candidates have received 1,162 votes, 62.41% of all votes cast. On the contrary, 700 affiliates have opposed the proposal. While in the congress the participation was around 33%, in this second round only 30.98% of the militancy has participated.

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