Saturday, December 10

Junts will ask their bases next week about their departure from the Government

Junts will ask his bases next week about whether he should leave the Government after the crisis caused by the dismissal of the vice president, Jordi Puigneró. It will be an internal consultation that will be held on October 6 and 7 after a new ultimatum to the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, to whom the postconvergents have given until Sunday to respond to a document on the demands of Junts to maintain legislative agreement.

Aragonès takes the head of his vice president and complicates the survival of the Government

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This was announced at a press conference by the president of Junts, Laura Borràs, and the general secretary of the formation, Jordi Turull, who highlighted that both agreements – the internal consultation and the new requirement for the president – ​​have been unanimously adopted the entire Executive. Both leaders thus seek to maintain the image of the party’s unity despite the dissenting voices about continuity in the Government.

This Thursday has been a day of digestion in Junts of the blow of authority that Pere Aragonès gave at the stroke of midnight. The president dismissed his vice president, Jordi Puigneró, visible head of Junts in the Executive, by not forgiving him for not notifying him of the intention of his group to demand a matter of trust if he did not comply with the Government agreement .

Junts’ decision is one more step in the chess game that the crisis with ERC has become. Neither of the two parties wants to be publicly responsible for the breakdown of the Executive, and the battle of the story focuses on blaming the other. That is why Turull has stressed that before consulting the bases they want to negotiate again with Aragonès. Nobody wants to be like the one who breaks the deck.

According to Turull, Junts will transfer to the president a proposal of “specifications, guarantees and deadlines” on the three points that Junts has been demanding from Aragonès since September, limiting the dialogue table to self-determination and amnesty, creating a sovereign coordination body and unity of action in Madrid. “Until Sunday we have no other job than to try to reach an agreement,” Turull stressed.

The general secretary did not want to detail the content of the proposal that they will transfer to Aragonès. “When you want to do it well, you don’t want the other to find out through the media,” Turull justified. For his part, Borràs has remarked that Junts “wants the Government’s agreement to be fulfilled” because, in his opinion, it is “the way to achieve independence”.

The meeting of the Junts Executive has lasted all day and has served to demonstrate that there is no unanimous position in the formation. Although in the early hours all the ministers of Junts have made themselves available to the party to decide on their continuity in the Executive, already at noon the head of Foreign Action, Victòria Alsina, expressed from Geneva that she saw “margin” to redirect the crisis between Junts and CKD.

After the dismissal of Puigneró, there are still six ministers chosen by JxCat: Jaume Giró (Economy), Victòria Alsina (Foreign Action), Gemma Geis (Universities), Josep Maria Argimon (Health), Violant Cervera (Social Rights) and Lourdes Ciuró ( Justice). Aragonès invited Junts this Wednesday to propose a new vice president and head of Territory, but Borràs has indicated that the party does not intend to propose the position until the result of the internal consultation is known.

The ministers are the most in favor of continuing in the Government. On the other hand, leaders such as the president of the party, Laura Borràs, defend the departure of the Executive. What all the sectors are clear about is that the last word will fall on the militants of the formation. Once Aragonès’ answer has been tested on Sunday, the internal debate will begin to specify the question to be transferred to the bases – which, depending on how it is addressed, can anticipate one result or another. “The question will be clear”, Turulll has anticipated.

There is also consensus in the anger with Aragonès for striking down Puigneró. The general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, has defended this Thursday in RAC-1 that Puigneró could not inform Aragonès in advance that they were going to raise a question of trust because the leadership of the party decided it while the president of the parliamentary group intervened, Albert Batett. “We feel quite expelled from the Government,” added Turull. Next week, final vote.