Sunday, August 7

Junts will investigate the Dalmases case after Borràs described it as “lynching”

Junts continues to make internal balances on account of the Dalmases case, the episode in which the vice president of the party scolded a journalist from the TV3 program FAQs after locking her in a room for the questions that the program had asked Laura Borràs, who was present during bullying. This Monday the party has officially opened an informative file and has appointed the lawyer Magda Oranich as its instructor, but has avoided taking the case directly to the Guarantees Commission. This supposed investigation will therefore be done outside the statutory bodies and after the party’s top leader has denied the published facts, she has described the case as “lynching” and has shown her public support for the deputy.

“Junts will do everything in its power to clarify the facts”, explained spokesman Josep Rius, who has also indicated that the party’s wish is to resolve the situation “quickly”. In this way, Rius has avoided endorsing the opinions expressed by the president of the Parliament, which were already avoided this weekend by the general secretary, Jordi Turull, when he avoided showing explicit support for Dalmases. Despite this, the spokesman stressed that the deputy “has already apologized for the events.”

The informative file will not be the only place in which they will try to clarify the events that occurred on July 9 on the TV3 set. In the Parlament, the Table will also have to decide whether to take the Dalmases case to the Deputy Statute Commission, after it has been claimed by all the left-wing formations in the Chamber. This will be the first parliamentary body to vote on whether or not the vice president of Junts breached the Parliament’s code of conduct and, therefore, whether the sanctioning code should be applied.

Since and Nació Digital exclusively revealed the shouting anger that the deputy directed against a journalist, in which he insulted her professional quality and uttered disqualifications against the program, both the director of the TV3 space, Pere Mas, and new Testimonies have corroborated that the events occurred as published. However, those involved, Laura Borràs and Francesc de Dalmases himself, have downplayed the episode and have described it as a “professional discussion”. A consideration that, however, from his own party they have not made their own.

Nor do the parties plan to bury the case as if nothing had happened, at least for now. This Monday, the ERC spokeswoman continued to defend the need for the Parliament to analyze the case, beyond the actions undertaken by Junts. “It is very good that the deputy can be accountable to his party, but we believe that he must also be accountable to the Parliament’s code of conduct”, assured the Republican Marta Vilalta. The ERC spokeswoman has also complained that Borràs has not yet responded to the letter sent by the parties in which they claimed to apply the code of conduct.

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