Monday, December 4

Justa Freire gets her mural in Madrid a week after the municipal police prevented it from being painted

The art collective ‘Unlogic Crew’ has managed to complete this Friday night the mission of painting a mural in homage to the Republican teacher Justa Freire, after last weekend the Municipal Police prevent a group of citizens summoned by the ‘Platform for the name of Maestra Justa Freire Street’ make it happen. The painting can be seen on a wall located at the intersection of Blas Cabrera and Maestra Justa Freire streets, renamed Millán Astray since August.

Millán-Astray recovers honors in Madrid on an August morning by ruling of the Superior Court

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Those responsible for the new painting are ‘Unlogic Crew’, a group that was also in charge of creating, together with the residents of the neighborhood, the feminist mural of Ciudad Lineal, which was vandalized —and recovered months later— on March 8, 2021. those walls can be seen the faces of fifteen women, including Frida Kahlo and Rosa Parks.

The return of Millán Astray to the Madrid street

Millán Astray returned to the Madrid street map last August with the restitution of the plaque on the street that bears his name in the Latina district in compliance with a court ruling, complied with by the Madrid City Council without appeal.

The Plenary Session of Madrid held on April 28, 2017 approved the elimination of 52 names of streets and squares that honored people or events related to the military uprising of July 18, 1936, the Civil War or the Franco regime. With this agreement – which was reached with the support of Now Madrid, PSOE and Cs, while the PP abstained – the proposal of the Historical Memory Commissioner was given conformity.

Subsequently, the resources would arrive, which has led the courts to annul the changes approved in Fallen of the Blue Division, General Millán Astray and Hermanos García Noblejas. The trial judge defended that he lacked sufficient motivation, “without the content of the administrative file unequivocally deducing that Millán Astray participated in the military uprising, nor did he have any participation in the military actions during the Civil War, nor in the repression of the dictatorship.

The soldier was not in Spain when the uprising against republican democracy took place in July 1936, but he played a fundamental role in Franco’s propaganda. Shortly after the coup he settled in the Yanduri palace in Seville next to the “Generalissimo” from where he began to spread the greatness of the coup plotters and their top leader. Franco ended up appointing him head of the Press and Propaganda Office that he established in Salamanca. One of his great achievements was to create the National Radio of Spain as the main propaganda tool for the media in Spain, which was already controlled by his troops.