Thursday, July 29

Justice confirms that the Vox cartel against foreign minors is not a crime but a “legitimate ideological struggle”

The Provincial Court of Madrid confirms that there is no crime in the Vox electoral poster against unaccompanied foreign minors. The Second Section has agreed to dismiss the appeal filed by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Progressive Citizen Association ‘Progresa’, PSOE, Podemos, Izquierda Unida and the United We Can electoral coalition against the order of the end of April that decreed that the investigation be dismissed.

A month ago, this same chamber already denied the precautionary measures and is now making a firm statement on the merits of the issue. The judges allege that the cartel is embedded in “the legitimate ideological-partisan struggle within the framework of an electoral contest” and that the “verbal excesses that are committed by some and other political actors are known.” “In the fact of remembering that in the criminal order, interpretations are prohibited against defendant, when there are other explanations not necessarily criminal, “adds the order, released by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid.

On April 20, the Sol subway station woke up with the electoral poster that the rest of the candidates called “xenophobic and racist.” Furthermore, it contained false information. No migrant minor under the guardianship of the Community of Madrid receives direct aid of 4,700 euros, as Vox implied in its campaign. The figure provided by the far-right party refers to the cost per place of one of the shelters for minors under guardianship in the Community of Madrid managed by the Diagrama Foundation, which includes all expenses related to the resource, from its workers to maintenance.

The Chamber insists, however, that the object of the controversy must “be interpreted as an electoral message addressed to a much larger group than that of unaccompanied foreign minors.” In the previous pronouncement on precautionary measures, the judges framed the message in an “electoral slogan” and although they recognized that it could have false data, they argued that it cannot be “ideas to prohibit” when there are others “as criticized or more than these. ”. The magistrates went so far as to assure that“ regardless of whether the figures offered are truthful or not, [los menores] they represent an obvious social and political problem. ”

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