Wednesday, February 21

Justice confirms three years in prison for a police officer who invented a drug case to harm a neighbor

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid has decided to confirm the sentence of three years in prison imposed on a National Police agent who invented a false case of drug trafficking to harm a neighbor with whom he had a bad relationship. The judges endorse both the statement of the victim, who discovered everything when one day they told him at the police station that he had a history of drug dealing, and that of the convict’s patrol partner whose signature was falsely stamped on the case documentation.

Sentenced to four and a half years in prison for maintaining a clandestine armory for police and criminals

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The events, as has learned, occurred in Madrid throughout 2013. The accused worked as a National Police at the Leganitos Street Center district police station with radio patrol functions, in the field of citizen security. The victim was his neighbor in the Madrid town of Parla, with whom he had a bad relationship that included complaints made in the past.

It was in November of that year when the policeman filled out a report in which he falsely stated that he had detained his neighbor on Calle Valverde, near Gran Vía, with a bag containing “a powdery substance that was white in color to the look like cocaine. The reality is that this arrest had not occurred and that the agent even forged the signature of his fellow patrol member to give the document more credibility.

That complaint did not go forward and the policeman’s neighbor did not discover the facts until two years later, when he went to the police station to report the officer for injuries and neighborhood disputes. There, the police informed him that he had a record for having been arrested in Madrid with a bag of cocaine two years before.

The Provincial Court of Madrid imposed a sentence of three years in prison on this agent for a crime of false documents, a sentence that has just been confirmed by the regional Superior Court of Justice. A sentence that also includes two years of disqualification from practicing as a police officer and a fine of 2,700 euros along with the obligation to compensate the victim with an additional 3,000 euros.

The arrest “never happened”

The judges reject all the arguments of the convicted agent, who could lose his badge if his conviction is declared firm. He argued, among other things, that there was no evidence that he had forged the signature of his partner or that the victim’s testimony was not credible due to the long history of conflicts they had had in the past.

For the judges of the TSJM, the statement of the affected “has come to remain firm and persistent throughout the proceedings, offering a resounding and seamless story in plenary.” His “dedication” to find out where those records for drug possession had come from, the judges point out, has been what has led the case to a sentence in a case “that had encountered up to four dismissals in the investigation phase.”

The judges also point out that, in addition to the mention of an arrest that never existed, the existence of these records could have had consequences for the person affected, who works in the private security sector.