Sunday, May 22

Justice declares illegal the transport of waste to the Valdemingómez landfill

The Contentious-Administrative Court number 31 of Madrid has declared illegal the provisional authorizations to take waste from the Mancomunidad del Este to the Valdemingómez plant. According to the ruling, to which Europa Press has had access, the agreement to receive waste from the Eastern Commonwealth is not annulled, but the authorizations that allowed the entry of waste into Valdemingómez from December 28, 2019 to February 24 2020.

These authorizations of December 27, 2019, which have now been declared void, were granted against the opinion of the Plenary of the Madrid City Council, which in October 2019 approved a proposal against bringing waste from the Mancomunidad del Este to Madrid.

At the end of December 2019, the Community of Madrid sent a letter with a report to the Madrid City Council requesting that it receive the waste from the Mancomunidad del Este “urgently and temporarily” after the landfill where the waste of the 31 eastern municipalities.

In these documents sent by the Community it was reflected that the Valdemingómez Technological Park (PTV) is “the only viable solution” to avoid a health emergency. The Mancomunidad del Este stopped bringing their waste to Madrid from March 31, 2021. Since that date, neither Rivas nor Arganda treat their waste in the PTV.

The appellants, Más Madrid, point out that “in total, Madrid has received some 35,000 tons from the Eastern Commonwealth without any legal support, harming the people who live in the Valdemingómez environment, especially those in the Ensanche de Vallecas, for which this City Council has not kept vigil. ”

“In Más Madrid we join this cause of two residents of the Ensanche de Vallecas neighborhood, to whom the Court agrees by declaring illegal the authorizations that allowed us to bring garbage from the Commonwealth of the East for two months,” he said. the mayor Paco Pérez.

The sentence, which can still be appealed, condemns the City Council to pay costs. More Madrid is studying requesting the execution of the sentence so that the damage caused can be repaired, for example, by returning to the Eastern Commonwealth an equivalent amount of the waste that was arriving for two months without legal coverage.

More Madrid places the “origin of the problems” in the treatment of waste in the region in “the non-existent waste policy of the Community of Madrid”. Through Law 5/2003, of March 20, on Waste from the Community of Madrid, the autonomous government made “transfer of competences in the treatment to the municipalities through the associations”.

For their part, sources from the Environment and Mobility area have transferred to Europa Press that these authorizations are “the same as those that allowed the transfer of waste from Rivas and Arganda”, an authorization “that Más Madrid renewed in 2017 for Arganda, allowing the arrival of 120,000 waste from 2015 to 2019 “.