Friday, January 21

Justice Denies Freedom Request for Bitcoin Stealing Suspects

Rio de Janeiro’s court denied the request of two men suspected of breaking into victims’ computers and investment accounts to steal Bitcoin.

This case would have resulted in search and seizure warrants in September 2021, but there is still no confirmation that the suspects were arrested. Even so, two of them asked in the Rio de Janeiro State Court to be released, through a habeas corpus.

According to the records, they are being investigated for criminal association and theft through abuse of the victims’ trust. If convicted, added to the sentences, they could face between 3 and 11 years in prison, plus a fine.

Rio’s court denied request of suspects to break into computers to steal Bitcoin

In recent days, the justice of Rio de Janeiro received in the 2nd instance a request for the release of two suspects of committing a sophisticated crime, which is to steal Bitcoin.

“It appears in the records that the investigated had rented properties to use and set up their criminal structure, which acts by breaking into investment accounts and subtracting Bitcoins, which are not traceable.”

Just by the order of the process, released this Monday (6) by the Diário da Justiça of Rio de Janeiro, it is not clear how they stole Bitcoin from victims, whether it was through phishing, mobile device invasions, or any other mechanism.

Anyway, they had their temporary detention decreed in the month of September, however, they have not yet been found by the authorities.

One of the suspects says he works with professional activities in the State of Bahia, but he did not prove his activities before the judge judge, who chose to deny the release of two suspects of the possible criminal organization that may be stealing Bitcoin in Brazil.

How to keep your Bitcoins safe?

The case in question serves as a warning for new users of Bitcoin technology to seek to keep themselves safe from theft, whether physical or virtual, which is increasing around the world.

That way, as Bitcoin is a digital currency, it can be easily carried by its owners. Therefore, it is recommended to take with you only what is necessary to make purchases in physical stores.

In digital environments, Bitcoin access keys should preferably be kept in environments disconnected from the internet, as they are more secure that way. If you need to buy something over the internet, it is important to be vigilant if you are on a correct and trustworthy site, as internet fraud is very common.

Leaving Bitcoin at brokerages, which are centralized points of failure, is also an entirely risky practice, with the Bitmart case this weekend being another reminder of this problem.

To keep Bitcoins safe, it is important to choose a wallet and store the coins in a reliable device, always remembering the motto that “you are your own bank”.