Wednesday, January 19

Justice in Rio denies gratuity to client of “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”

A lawyer who invested and was a client at GAS Consultoria, a company belonging to the “Faraó dos Bitcoins”, filed a lawsuit against it in the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, but was denied the right to free of charge.

In Brazilian justice, all those who file lawsuits can appeal to the free justice mechanism, to avoid the costs of lawsuits. Thus, the person must prove with documents that they do not have the money to cover the costs of the judiciary.

However, for some years Bitcoin investors have been marked by justice as people who do not have the right to free money, as they are investors in the financial market. In a few cases, investors who have been aggrieved in pyramid schemes have managed to trigger this object.

Lawyer client of the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” is denied gratuity by the Cabo Frio Court

A lawyer who filed against GAS Consultoria in the Cabo Frio Court, in Rio de Janeiro, claimed in recent days that she was unable to pay the court costs. So, she asked for the help of free justice, but ended up having her request rejected by the judge who analyzed the case.

Its action is for Termination of the Contract and/or Money Return, with the responsibility of the Supplier, filed in the Civil Court.

After the judge denied the request, the client of the Bitcoin Pharaoh still asked in the 1st instance for the reconsideration of her request, which was again denied. Dissatisfied, the lawyer still appealed in the 2nd Instance of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro.

When analyzing the case, the judge reporting the case noted that as the client attorney of the company GAS, she is an investor in Bitcoin. In other words, she has money to pay for her process, which asks for R$ 10 thousand from the company of the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”.

“In fact, although the Appellant declares itself to be insufficient, it proceeded to contract investments in cryptocurrencies (“bitcoins”), which indicates a reality incompatible with that experienced by the true recipient of free justice.”

The judge also recalled that it is not possible to guarantee free justice for some people, transferring the costs of public service to third parties just so that a person maintains his power to consume.

This case illustrates that the situation for GAS Consultoria investors, who have had withdrawals stuck for a few months, is not easy. With the company’s leader arrested by the Federal Police and the possible scheme under investigation by the Public Ministry, the case is still pending in the Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro.

In recent days, Minister Alexandre de Moraes still denied the request for freedom to Glaidson dos Santos, making the company’s situation even more delicate. Even with the decision of the STF, the company has not yet made a public statement.