Saturday, September 25

Justice lifts the precautionary measures and the divided councilors of Más Madrid may form a mixed group

The contentious-administrative court number 30 of Madrid has lifted this Monday a precautionary measure that prevented the four splintered councilors of Más Madrid close to Manuela Carmena from forming a mixed group, Cadena Ser has advanced and confirmed The judge does not go into the merits of the matter, but the suspension of the precautionary measures that she dictated last Wednesday will allow the councilors of Recupera Madrid to form a mixed group, contrary to what Más Madrid defends.

The judge now considers, after accepting the very precautionary measures, and after listening to the rest of the parties –Recupera Madrid and the City Council–, that the reasons provided by Más Madrid “refer to substantive issues that will have to be elucidated in the main proceedings and not in the present resolution, since this would be equivalent to prejudging the merits of the matter (the constitution of the mixed group), which is not necessary to do in this piece “.

“Without prejudging the merits of the matter, although the party alleges damages that are difficult to reverse, it is not considered that the appealed resolution would have to seek irreparable damage to the plaintiff in the event that the final resolution that has to fall on the main proceedings was favorable to their interests, since the effects of the contested resolution could be reversed in the event of an eventual judgment estimating their claims “, includes the order to which this newspaper has accessed.

The order determines that no costs are set for either party and that there is an appeal against the resolution within fifteen days.

From Más Madrid they have regretted the car because it means, almost certainly, that the councilors will form a mixed group. “A bad mobility ordinance will be approved for the city that will bring more smoke and pollution to our city and not only to the center but to all of Madrid”, they assure from the training that Rita Maestre leads in the Madrid City Council.

“More Madrid condemns that Almeida buys votes showing the worst face of a PP that, given the impossibility of supporting this ordinance with the votes of the constituted municipal groups, uses this type of tricks that dirty the institution and that can also cause serious damage that can provoke the city council and consequently the citizens and their legal security “, they add.

The formation continues to consider that the decision to appoint these four councilors mixed group still does not comply with the law. “More Madrid shows its conviction that at the end of all this legal-administrative mess, and when it comes to deciding on the merits of the matter, beyond precautionary or not, the courts will agree with us.”

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