Sunday, December 10

Justice lifts the suspension of the works in the Valley of the Fallen and gives free rein to the exhumation of victims

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid has decided to lift the precautionary measures that prevented the necessary works to extract the mortal remains of victims of Francoism from the Valley of the Fallen. As explained by various sources to this newspaper, the second contentious-administrative section has agreed with National Heritage and has lifted the precautionary measures that a court maintained on the building license necessary to start the exhumations.

The approval of the building license unravels 62 exhumations in the Valley of the Fallen

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The 10th contentious court of Madrid decided to provisionally paralyze in November 2021 the license that the City Council of San Lorenzo de El Escorial granted to National Heritage to carry out the works that would facilitate the exhumation of several victims buried in Cuelgamuros. He did so after estimating an appeal from the Association for Reconciliation and Historical Truth, understanding that proceeding with these works could lead to “irreparable” damage before ruling on the merits of the matter.

The decision, as explained by these sources, can be appealed by this Association before the Supreme Court. The High Court of Madrid had accumulated a series of resources and allegations from various individuals and memorial associations to this process.