Wednesday, July 6

Justice orders the removal of a sexual education guide from the Getafe City Council for “damaging religious freedom”

The Administrative Litigation judge number 8 of Madrid has ordered the withdrawal of thethe sexual education guides distributed by the Getafe City Council by admitting the precautionary measures requested by the Christian Lawyers Association.

In a car, to which Europa Press had access, the judge agrees that the precautionary measure concerned has been granted and gives a period of twenty days for the withdrawal of the ‘Gender Rebels’ guides given “the seriousness and irreparability of the possible affectation additional of the fundamental rights that are at stake “.

The guides sparked a campaign by Vox and Christian associations for containing statements such as “turn off the TV, turn on your clitoris” or relate the role of the virgin as a model “without a life of its own and asexual.” The document consists of six parts – “Depatriarising sex”; “de-patriarizing love”; “de-patriarizing masculinities”; “de-patriarizing couples”, “de-patriarizing languages” and “de-patriarizing bodies”, and was distributed by the educational centers of the municipality after a presentation by the socialist mayor, Sara Hern├índez.

The councilor said that the objective of the guide was that “all boys and girls, all adolescents and all young people in the municipality have satisfactory and egalitarian sexual relations.” “It is a collection that wants to blow up the sexist stereotypes that limit our way of being in the world. Because we want to be free,” the document begins by stating.

The judge decides that the guide violates “one of the fundamental rights of the first category such as Religious Freedom and the right to education and they advocate granting precautionary protection.”

The president of Christian Lawyers, Poland Castellanos, has called for the resignation of the mayor to resign “because in her eagerness to impose her ideology, she has exceeded her powers and violates fundamental rights set forth in the Constitution.”