Thursday, July 7

Justice suspends the withdrawal of the 45-meter Francoist monument in Tortosa

The judge has suspended in a precautionary way the removal of the Francoist monument in Tortosa (Tarragona) because authorizing it would mean the “impossible restitution of the monument” if finally there is a favorable ruling to the Collective for the Reinterpretation of the Monument of the Battle of the Ebro (Corembe), which requests keep it.

In the car, the holder of the Contentious Court 2 of Tarragona remarks that the structure of the monument is metallic and to remove it it is necessary to cut it into different pieces. This would suppose, according to the magistrate, “damages that would make it impossible or very difficult to restore the previous state”, reports Europa Press. The judge remarks that the Generalitat has not provided any report to verify that it could be reassembled.

The Generalitat, which has already announced that it will appeal this decision before the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), asked the judge to reject the precautionary measure demanded by Corembe to comply with the Historical Memory Law, although the magistrate considers that this does not “justifies the urgency” to remove the monument.

He also alleged that suspending the works would entail economic damage for removing the machinery and for possible compensation to companies already hired, and the judge answers that these damages would be “more easily compensable” than replacing the monument.

The Francoist Tortosa monument, 45 meters high, was installed in 1966. The withdrawal plan foresees installing a 36 meter high scaffolding around the monument, which will be raised from the base of the pedestal. The operators will then segment the work into pieces, from top to bottom. They will do it with the oxyfuel method, which consists of sectioning the iron at a temperature of 800 degrees, with a mixture of oxygen and propane gas applied at high pressure. The scaffold will be dismantled as the two iron pyramids lose height. If Justice ends up giving its approval.