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Kaleidoscope: the series that you can watch in any order | Digital Trends Spanish

A new series with nonlinear order, that is to say that it can be seen in any sequence, comes to netflixit is about Kaleidoscope, starring Giancarlo Esposito and Paz Vega.

Behind «Kaleidoscope» | A non-linear streaming experience | Netflix

The plot is that of a heist movie: a group of thieves launch a plan for a robbery that they have been preparing for more than two decades. The series is based on a true event: the disappearance of 70,000 million dollars in bonds in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy.

The novelty is that the episodes of the series can be seen in any order, and narrate events that take place from 24 years before the robbery to 6 months later.

The series has chapter names in colors and premieres on January 1.

  • ‘Yellow: 6 weeks before the robbery’
  • ‘Green: 7 years before the robbery’
  • ‘Blue: 5 days before the robbery’
  • ‘Violet: 24 years before the robbery’
  • ‘Orange: 3 weeks before the robbery’
  • ‘Red: The Morning After the Heist’
  • ‘Rosa: 6 months later’
  • ‘White: The Heist’

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