Monday, December 4

Keanu Reeves reveals which Marvel character he would like to do | Digital Trends Spanish

the emblematic Keanu Reeves He made an important revelation on the Jimmy Kimmel show, where he confirmed which Marvel character he would like to play.

For that, the Matrix actor’s mind had to travel to his childhood: “Reeves, 10 years old, would want to do it, I think he would probably want to be Ghost Rider.”

But Keanu Reeves also referred to what Marvel movies mean, widely criticized by some creative minds in the industry.

“It’s really cool,” he said. “I think the way the Marvel movies have developed and what they are is really spectacular and it would be great to be a part of that.”

Regardless of whether or not Reeves decides to enter the MCU, there is one comic book character he would love to play on screen: his comic’s protagonist, Berzerker, who coincidentally is modeled after him. “To be fair, I’m really suited for the part!” He joked in Jimmy Kimmel Live. “It’s almost like pigeonholing. I’m like, really good for it.”

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