Wednesday, October 4

Kevin Spacey will pay a millionaire fine because of House of Cards | Digital Trends Spanish

The reality of Kevin Spacey remains dark these days, since the judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, Mel Red Recana, confirmed this August 4 a sentence previously issued by an arbitrator in October 2020 in favor of the producer of House of CardsMRC, which consists of “Frank Underwood” having to pay about $29.5 million in damages and the rest in costs and fees.

All this for alleged sexual misconduct behind the scenes of the Netflix show.

The judge noted that a November 2017 article on contained allegations that Spacey engaged in a pattern of sexually predatory behavior directed at young crew members on set. by House of Cards and that once MRC became aware of the allegations, it suspended the actor, investigated, wrote Spacey out of the show’s final season, and terminated his acting and executive producing contracts.

Spacey’s attorney, Jonathan E. Phillips, argued that the award should be set aside, alleging that the arbitrator exceeded the scope of his powers when he considered external evidence in deciding damages.

The arbitrator concluded that Spacey violated the agreements through his interactions with five specific crew members, which were only brought forward as part of MRC’s request for indictments against Spacey, including the internal investigation that MRC launched only after Netflix took over. the decision to exclude Spacey from the sixth season, Phillips and Spacey’s other attorneys alleged in their new court papers.

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