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‘Kichi’ leaves politics to fulfill his promise to spend eight years: “Not earning another euro and not changing my neighborhood were my commitments”

It was an open secret in Cádiz and this Wednesday it has been confirmed: José María González ‘Kichi’ will not stand for re-election as mayor of the city. The still councilor has communicated it in a clear way: “Honesty, coherence and the value of the word given to the people. I announce that I keep my commitment and I will not run for re-election as mayor of Cádiz. And I will leave calm because in my team there is brilliance, capacity and enthusiasm to illuminate a better future for the city”.

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Since his entry into politics, he has defended tooth and nail a code of ethics signed before a notary after each election, with which he acquired his commitment to transparency and “non-professionalization” of political life. “We have not come to enrich ourselves with politics, but to offer an act of love to our neighbors and to the city,” he said at the signing ceremony in 2019.

In 2015, when he entered the mayor’s office, he assured that his expiration date in the mayor’s chair was set for 2023 and that is how it will be. He doubted it himself with some later statement, but he has been consistent with his words. He has commented to those close to him that he has waited for this moment to announce it so as not to harm the project of his party, Adelante Cádiz.

In his farewell remarks, he highlights that he has been able to demonstrate that “politics is not a private preserve, that there was another way of doing politics and that it was necessary to demonstrate that the defense of what was public, the right of citizenship, happiness and joy cannot become a privilege for a few. Not earning another euro and not moving to another neighborhood were my commitments”.

Municipal sources confirm that in the speech delivered in a private act, he apologized for the mistakes he could have made in the two legislatures and “for simply not having been who you would have liked him to be at all times.”

Now the battle for the succession within the party is posed. A primary process begins and eyes are focused on Lola Cazalilla, Councilor for Culture, and David de la Cruz, spokesperson for Adelante Cádiz.

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