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Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, Radiohead’s video game, is now available | Digital Trends Spanish

After its announcement a few months ago, it finally aired Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, a video game created jointly between the British band Radiohead and Epic Games.

But Kid A Mnesia Exhibition It is not a video game itself and if someone expected an action adventure controlling the members of the band, they are wrong half to half. Because in reality it is a virtual art exhibition, commemorating 21 years since the release of the albums Kid A and Amnesiac.

As explained by vocalist Thom Yorke in the official PlayStation blog, the original idea of ​​the band was to create a physical presentation in a place or museum in London, but these plans went to the trash can for several reasons (coronavirus pandemic in between).

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition It is something like a virtual first-person tour of different artistic pieces created by Thom Yorke and company for the publication of both albums. The project was developed over two years in which the band worked with the studios Arbitrarily Good Productions and [namethemachina], while Epic Games was in charge of what is the publication.

“One way or another, everything we did for this game comes straight from two decades ago,” according to Yorke.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is now available on PlayStation 5, PC and Mac, through the Epic Games store. Fans of the band surely already have it in their library, but the fact that it is free can open the door to these records for people who have never heard them before.

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