Friday, September 24

Kid A Mnesia: this will be the Radiohead and Epic Games project | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the ads that attracted the most attention during the PlayStation Showcase was not directly related to a video game.

Is about Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, an interesting joint project between Radiohead and the distributor Epic Games Publishing.

The announcement was made through a short teaser that does not provide many details. Anyway, it is known that the project is an interactive experience that the alternative rock band will carry out to commemorate the albums. Kid A and Amnesiac.

According to an Epic Games spokesperson, this project is defined as an “inverted digital / analog universe created from original illustrations by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood and audio design by Nigel Godrich. It commemorates the coming of age (21 years) of the Radiohead, Kid A and Amnesiac records ”.

The project, developed by namethemachine and Arbitrarily Good Productions, will be available on various platforms, such as PS5, PC and Mac, next November.

Thus, based on what has been advanced, fans can expect a single-player first-person experience, where exploration is incentivized.

This will coincide with reissues of Kid A and Amnesiac, which should be available on November 5. For the same reason, it is thought that Kid A Mnesia Exhibition it could reach the different platforms at a close date.

As there are still a couple of months to go, fans of the band and video games may be waiting for more previews that provide new details on this interesting interactive experience project.

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