Saturday, March 25

Kiev, besieged by the Russian offensive

Russia has intensified its attack on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, in recent hours, which wakes up startled by the bombings that are felt in different parts of the capital along with sirens and vehicle alarms. Ukrainian leaders have reported overnight “missile” attacks and two large explosions have been heard in the center of the city, along with a third loud explosion in the distance earlier this Friday, according to CNN.

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The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has warned that Russian troops are bombing residential areas of the country and has accused Putin of lying by saying that civilian infrastructure is not a “target”. “Enemy planes are vilely operating over residential areas, particularly in the capital. Terrible explosions in the morning sky over Kiev. Bombings. Impact on a residential building. Fire,” the Ukrainian president said in a video through his channel. Telegram, according to Europa Press.

“They say that civil infrastructures are not targeted: a lie!”, Emphasized the Ukrainian president, who has insisted that the Russian attacks are reminiscent of those that Kiev was subjected to in 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmitro Kuleba, has denounced “missile attacks” against Kiev during the early hours and has also compared it to Nazi bombing. “Terrible missile attacks on Kiev. The last time our capital suffered something similar was in 1941, when it was attacked by Nazi Germany,” the head of Ukrainian diplomacy wrote on Twitter.

The anti-aircraft defense of Kiev shot down a Russian device this Friday morning, which fell into a residential building in the city and has caused a fire. Anton Guerashenko, adviser to the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine, has notified this, without specifying the type of plane shot down.

The entrance to Kyiv

To reach Kiev, Russian troops have chosen the shortest route, access from the north of the country through Chernigov, on the border with Russia, but also from the Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone, on the border with Belarus, whose president, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is a staunch ally of Putin. The armies of both countries had carried out joint military exercises on the southern border of Belarus in recent weeks in what had been considered by several countries a movement aimed at gathering troops on the border for an eventual military campaign on Ukraine.

The Russian forces took the Hostomel aerodrome on Thursday, 35 kilometers from the capital, where they arrived with 200 paratroopers, but Ukraine has affirmed that its troops have managed to regain control, according to presidential adviser Alexei Arestovich last night and this Friday he has repeated in its first part of the day the General Command of the Armed Forces on its Facebook page.

At dawn, in a video message, Zelensky claimed to have information that “groups of enemy saboteurs” were already in the capital and that he and his family had become the target of Russian troops: “They want to destroy Ukraine destroying your head of state, but I will remain in the seat of government”. In that same communication, the Ukrainian president raised the number of fatalities from the Russian offensive to 137. A figure that continues to grow.