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Kingston announces its new RAM memories for gamers | Digital Trends Spanish

Since Kingston sold its HyperX brand to HP, some of its products have undergone some adjustments. And one of them is high-performance-oriented RAM, of which a few new models have now been launched under the name Kingston Fury.

These new Kingston Fury are basically the same that were previously called HyperX Fury and now they come with a little refreshment in their characteristics. To start with, there are three models: Fury Renegade, Fury Beast and Fury Impact, the first being the fastest than in overclock it can give speeds of 4600 Mhz or even 5333 Mhz, with the right conditions. Of the Fury Renegade there are individual modules of 8 or 32 GB, but they can also be purchased in kits of 16 and up to 256 GB of memory.

In contrast, the Fury Beast and Fury Impact models have somewhat different speeds and formats. The Fury Beast memories reach up to 3733 Mhz speed and the RGB version comes with some lighting effects compatible with the already known RGB systems (and very popular among a certain group of gamers).

The Fury Beast also have individual modules from 8 to 32 GB and the kits go up to 256 GB. It should also be noted that, in the case of the Beast, there is also a variant in DDR.

And finally, the memoirs Fury Impact. Unlike the previous two, these memories have SODIMM format and are those used in laptops or some Apple iMac. The Fury Impact were announced in DDR3 and DDR4 formats, with speeds of up to 1866 Mhz for the first and 3200 Mhz for the second. And in terms of size, the Fury Impact will reach 64 GB.

All these memories are already on sale in the Kingston official site, at quite competitive prices and similar to those of other brands, although always depending on the configuration that is chosen. It is true that with the gradual arrival of DDR5 memories these models with DDR4 (and DDR3) could be somewhat obsolete, but reality also says that the adoption of new technologies is not as fast as it seems, mainly thanks to their prices.

In a side comment, it’s going to be curious to see Kingston rename other of its products that were previously part of the HyperX umbrella in the future.

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