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Knight Rider and the advance of intelligent vehicles | Digital Trends Spanish

Knight rider It premiered on September 26, 1982 (it turns 39 today). The series, known as The fantastic car or The incredible car in various parts of Latin America, the story of the KITT, a highly advanced vehicle driven by Michael Knight, followed.

The main character was played by David Hasselhoff, who defined himself as a defender of the poor and the innocent and who set out to combat injustices aboard the high-tech prototype vehicle.

KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) had a central computer, a kind of artificial intelligence that allowed it to speak and communicate as if it were a person. In fact, one of the central points of the series was the close relationship that was generated between Michael Knight and his car.

Because of this, many claim that the prototype that appeared in fiction can be considered as a preview of what would later be seen with smart vehicles.

An advance

That eighties model incorporated technologies that are common today in this type of car. One of them was self-driving. In some missions, Knight could not continue driving the car, so he had to let KITT itself handle itself autonomously, with an efficiency and safety that the company would already like to have. Tesla.

For this, the vehicle had a scanner with which it could examine its surroundings and assess if there were any obstacles near it. Also, when the main character was in trouble, he could summon the vehicle using a locator that he kept on a necklace.

Today, there are some companies that develop a technology that allows users to locate their cars thanks to their smartphones.

Another advance that the series showed was a scanner built into the vehicle that could monitor the health of its driver, as it detected if he was sick or injured.

The Ford company seems to have been inspired by this element when it began developing a cardiac monitor (ECG Heart Rate Monitoring Seat) a few years ago made up of six sensors located in the driver’s seat that could detect if he was suffering an attack. activated a security protocol that stopped the vehicle.

Lastly, the series car was also powered by hydrogen and other fuels, which has been seen in some hybrid vehicles today such as the Toyota Prius.

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