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Konfidis’ Leading Technology and Data Solution Surfaces Top Single-Family Rental Investment Opportunities Across Ontario

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Leveraging its cutting-edge technology, proprietary rental data, and extensive investment research, combined with boots on the ground diligence, the Konfidis solution helps individual investors easily identify, evaluate, and manage investment properties across Ontario better. With Konfidis, buy your next investment property with confidence.

TORONTO — Konfidis is pleased to announce the launch of its leading technology and investment platform to unlock the compelling benefits of residential real estate investment as we help individual investors answer their three key questions: “Where should I look?”, “Which property should I buy?” , and “How can I outperform the market?”

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The Konfidis platform utilizes proprietary rental data to generate anticipated investment return metrics for every MLS listing and a growing set of off-market opportunities, in real-time, and layers various other technology, data, and investment attributes to surface the top investment properties across Ontario.

Konfidis investor clients receive:

  • weekly shortlists of comprehensively reviewed properties, which are accompanied by a diligence report (including data gathered from an on-site visit to the property, as well as financial analysis);
  • access to sophisticated real estate investment calculators; and
  • a turn-key post-acquisition solution, including property management, alleviating the headaches that come with owning an investment property.

Sign up today at and start receiving our weekly top single-family rental opportunities.

When we talk to investors big and small, they all have the same pain points. ‘Where are the best opportunities to invest?’ and once a property is found ‘How can I quickly evaluate if it’s a good buy?’ The answers to these questions can be solved using a combination of data science and technology, coupled with our belief that also physically inspecting properties, before presenting opportunities, is key to efficiently serve our clients,” said John Asher, President, and Co-Founder of Konfidis.

“Where you live is not necessarily where we may find the best opportunities, and most likely, limiting your search radius leads to suboptimal returns,” said Jared Kalish, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Konfidis. “We search across Ontario with the aim of selecting opportunities which we believe will outperform the market over the long run.”

Konfidis also makes a portion of its platform available for investors who seek to perform their own research. The publicly accessible version allows for visual comparisons between cities and neighbourhoods, heat maps, metrics such as historical house price appreciation and sold data, as well as anticipated income driven by Konfidis’s proprietary rental data, among other items.

In addition to being a leading real estate investment services platform, Konfidis strives to be a champion for tenants. It seeks to enhance the quality and availability of rental housing solutions for Canadian families. Konfidis enhances the professionalism of the tenant experience with technology designed to improve the efficiency of leasing, payment processing, and service call coordination.

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About Konfidis

Konfidis Inc. is Canada’s leading solution for residential real estate investors. As a technology and big data-focused platform, Konfidis supports the entire investment process from opportunity identification, due diligence, and acquisition to comprehensive workflow management and broad post-acquisition management services and support.

Konfidis seeks to deliver visited and reviewed turnkey residential real estate investment opportunities to its investor clients. As a company, Konfidis is dedicated to delivering enhanced solutions for Canadian families seeking high-quality and dependable long-term rental housing alternatives as a core principle.

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