Monday, January 17

Kroton College promotes event on cryptocurrencies

A Brazilian college linked to Kroton (B3: COGN), promotes an event about cryptocurrencies this December.

In recent months, the cryptocurrency market has been booming around the world and new investors have arrived on the market. However, the risks for investing in this sector are still great.

According to a recent Hashdex survey with FGV, for example, cryptocurrency investors are young and mostly self-taught. Even so, there is a growth in the offer of education projects, which are starting to reach large colleges.

Krotok College promotes event on cryptocurrencies

Kroton, owned by Cogna Educação, is a large company in the Brazilian educational sector. Owner of the Pitágoras, Unopar, Fama and Anhanguera colleges, this is one of the largest in the country in the sector.

In the coming days, the Faculty Anhanguera Taboão da Serra will be one that belongs to Kroton to venture into events about cryptocurrencies.

With registrations free and open to the public, the “Financial Market – Cryptocurrency” course will be presented in digital mode for all interested parties. This transmission will be carried out by Sérgio Linares, specialist in Tax Law and professor of management courses at Anhanguera.

Anhanguera Faculty/Reproduction cryptocurrency event

According to the faculty, this initiative aims to address issues related to the financial market in an educational and didactic way. The concept of cryptocurrencies, as well as their advantages and ways of trading will be discussed during the event.

Other issues that will be debated are the challenges of cryptocurrencies, as well as the common risks and scams in the industry.

Linhares explained that this will be a good opportunity for those who want to understand more about the subject of cryptocurrencies, legal terms of the sector, among others.

“It is worth remembering that the subject has been attracting attention in Brazil in recent years, as Bitcoin, the largest of digital currencies, went through a huge appreciation in the market. In addition, we will address the legal issues and how important it is to be aware of these technological terms and expressions”.

College students who apply will earn certificates of participation, which may count as extracurricular activities.

Brazilian colleges with an eye on the market

With the emergence of cryptocurrency technologies and their market applications using the blockchain, colleges around the world are beginning to increasingly test this sector, with research and events on the subject.

In other words, Bitcoin has already arrived in Brazilian academia and has occupied more and more space in debates on technology, economics and finance. Recently, three Brazilian faculties in the law sector organized a panel on cryptocurrencies, showing that the debate on the subject is completely open in Brazilian education.