Wednesday, November 30

Kulfas called for developing a network of SME suppliers for the oil industry

The minister visited the facilities of the company Gora SA, located in the Buenos Aires province of Quilmes and said that “behind the oil and gas industry, a sector that is perhaps more associated with large national and international companies, there is a very important network of industrial, engineering, service SMEs, that create many jobs and technology. “

“Many times we hear that either you choose to substitute imports or you choose to export and that is a false dichotomy. There are examples in the sector that it is possible to produce more for the domestic market and replace many unnecessary imports because it can be manufactured in Argentina” , he emphasized.

The meeting was attended by the president of the company, Pablo Gora; the general manager of the company, Nicolas Marques; the director of YPF, Ramiro Manzanal; the president of the Argentine Chamber of Suppliers of the Petro Energy Industry (Capipe), Sergio Echebarrena, the member of Cap, Andrés Spak, and representatives of different companies in the sector.

“This industry substitutes imports and exports, saves foreign currency, and generates tens of thousands of registered and qualified jobs directly and indirectly. We continue to bet on the development of this natural resource as a lever to develop an industry around it and to leverage technology and science “, highlighted Echebarrena.

For his part, Manzanal stressed that “YPF is working with the Impulse Program and the agreement with the Ministry of Productive Development so that the