Monday, January 24

Kulfas: we must “accelerate” salary recomposition

Kulfas defended the industrial sector, assuring that it explains two-thirds of exports, and considered it to be a tool for “upward social mobility.” But, he asked that for this potential to become a reality, the industry is needed to produce more, create more jobs and “increase the purchasing power of its workers.”

“Do not hesitate to accelerate the salary recomposition: it will mean more demand in the domestic market and social progress for Argentines,” said the minister in front of the packed auditorium, during a section of the reading of his 16-page speech. As this newspaper was able to find out, that part had the intention of making a call for 2022. “This year there was a lot of recomposition of margins, so next year there will be room for them to lose margin and gain by volume”, assured an official source.

At the UIA annual meeting, Ámbito consulted Daer about salaries. The head of the CGT affirmed that this year “the unions are going to beat inflation.” Looking ahead to 2022, with the acceleration of devaluation proposed by Miguel Pesce, head of the BCRA, and the increase in rates via segmentation, Daer assured: “Economic growth will reduce the deficit and at the same time improve our income, because it will not to have a devaluation jump. In 2022, wages will have to go above these costs, because otherwise the internal market will be harmed ”.

Peronist march

In his speech, Kulfas cited the Peronist march. “We tend to hear that we are an anti-business government. The disoriented conceptualize Peronism from a phrase from our popular march. Yes, we have historically been a political force that combats the excesses of capital, but that works for the development of a productive capitalism, destined for social progress, that tirelessly seeks a great agreement between production and work ”.

The ministry decided to incorporate this section in the face of what they consider an “ideological opposition” from some UIA industrialists, in a context where production will close above 2019, with more than 40 thousand new jobs. An industrialist from the UIA small table told Ámbito: “He heard consensus on the stage and when they have coffee they say that the Government is down. We like to spit up ”.

UIA industrialists are waiting for the termination of the regulations prohibiting layoffs. “The conditions are already in place, no one wants to fire, but rather to renew,” said a UIA member lawyer. “The unions themselves agree, they just can’t say it out loud,” added the source. Daer assured that “we will have to see” the performance of the new strain of covid. “I prefer job stability, but with social balance,” he added. On the contrary, the industrialist Guillermo Moretti affirmed: “I am not waiting for him to get up, we are taking people.”

As this newspaper learned, the Government is working to finalize these measures, but with an “intermediate scheme”, with a gradual departure from the norm, which implies that they can be fired, but enabled under the replacement by another worker, an idea that arose in UIA.