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La Junta, on the tomb of Franco’s Queipo: “It is not good to seek the conflict by unearthing those horrors”

The first official written pronouncement of the Government of PP and Citizens in Andalusia regarding the tomb of Franco’s general Gonzalo Queipo de Llano in Seville also has its verbal assessment. The Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage, competent in matters of historical memory, offers more detail than in the answer to the parliamentary question published in this newspaper and has explained that the components of the technical committee that must prepare the list of the elements that must be withdrawn or eliminated, according to the development of the Andalusian law approved in 2017. In any case, Del Pozo considers that “the priorities of Andalusians are in the future, not in the past”, and believes that “I believe that It is not good to seek confrontation or conflict by unearthing those horrors. ”

Who was Queipo de Llano?

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In statements to Andalusia, the counselor recalls that the Brotherhood of the Macarena “has already proceeded to remove all the symbols that surround that tomb and that it was supposed to be contrary to memory.” It indicates that “the previous government commissioned a report from the legal services, which already questioned whether there was any type of symbol – as this newspaper reported at the time – since they had already been withdrawn.”

In this sense, the Andalusian memory law “established the creation of a committee, with different members of the administration and experts, to address these types of issues.” “When I arrived, that committee was not there and we published the Order”, in July 2020. As the counselor details, “there must be three experts with knowledge in the matter”, who are proposed by the Counseling itself. I am aware that the appointment of these three people is missing, but I would like them to be people with a lot of consensus, who were a reference for their training, recognized trajectory, harmony, and knowledge of History, and that they did not generate any type of rejection but quite the opposite. We have it on the table and we have to solve it. ”

“There will be no problem in submitting it to the expert committee”

“When we name them, I do not intend to generate any conflict but that they are people accepted by all. If there is any doubt with questions, for example with Queipo de Llano, that in that legal report the fact that nothing else has to be withdrawn is highly questioned, well there will be no problem in submitting it to the committee of experts, that or any other issue that arises. Since the Order was published we have not had any great conflict of symbols. We have had many problems in Andalusia “, says the counselor, who does not bet on focus “right now on those issues when the demand of the Andalusians go in other directions.”

Del Pozo comments that “since the committee was created, it has rained a lot, and my main concern has been to carry out the aid and to work with the collectives in the exhumations and genetic identifications to be able to return the bodies to the families.” Asked if she understands people who want to remove Queipo’s remains from a public place, she says that she deeply respects people’s feelings and all kinds of ideological positions, but also in life we ​​have to learn to look forward with harmony. and hope, looking for a meeting point, without removing those deep wounds from the past that we have all suffered. ”

“This has been a pact and a lesson of brotherhood that our best ones gave us a few years ago and we have the obligation to look to the future and follow that path of harmony. I think it is not good to seek confrontation or conflict unearthing those horrors and I think we have to look forward. There are many people who are suffering from not knowing where their loved ones are and I am focused on that, which I think is infinitely more important. It is the great debt we owe to historical memory and the point of I find everyone. That is the best way to develop the law of historical memory and that is what I am deeply involved in. It is of no use to me to remove symbols and develop all aspects of the law if what is truly important, which is to give a dignified burial to those people who still do not know where they are, it is not resolved. We are going to go step by step. The priorities of the Andalusians are right now especially in the future, not in the past. ”

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