Wednesday, July 6

La Marea Blanca returns to the streets of Madrid to denounce the closure of 41 health centers and the management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso

The demonstration organized by the White Tide of health workers has denounced this Sunday in the center of Madrid the closure of 41 of the 49 health centers in the Central area of ​​the capital and they have also demanded a greater investment in Primary Care.

Along these lines, the delegate of the MATS union from the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid, Luis López Álvarez, has told Europa Press that they seek “that 25% of the budget of the Community of Madrid is directed to Primary” and also a reinforcement in the workforce, what they say would require “650 Primary Care physicians, 150 pediatricians, 2000 nurses and 600 other workers.”

Álvarez has also communicated that they have a manifesto signed by more than 275 groups between platforms, unions, parties and neighborhood associations to try to stop the closure of these primary care centers before the arrival of the summer season. “Many centers will close in the afternoons, which will make it difficult to work conciliation,” said the delegate.

Against dismantling

The White Tide has brought together thousands of people who, despite the rains, have left the Plaza de Callao at 12 o’clock this Sunday, on a tour of the Gran Via and up to Puerta del Sol, in which the Participants have chanted slogans such as ‘health is not a game’ or ‘primary care is also necessary’.

The privatization of health in the Community of Madrid has also been denounced with slogans such as ‘nothing for the private sector’ and many of the banners have expressed their discomfort with the recently invested president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom they accuse to generate this situation and to perpetuate “a wear” in health after 25 years of government of the PP in the region.

Entities such as the Madrid Health Center Platform, the Assembly Movement of Sanitary Technicians (MATS) union, the assembly union of Summa 112 workers or various groups of nursing homes and neighborhood associations have participated in this event.

For this event, a large National Police and Municipal Police unit has been organized that have controlled traffic on Gran Vía and have accompanied the protesters at all times. On the other hand, since the organization of the event, attendees have been asked to keep safe distances to prevent infections. This call was attended by political representatives of Más Madrid such as Íñigo Errejón, Mónica García or Rita Maestre, of the PSOE such as Pepu Hernández or José Manuel Franco and of Podemos such as Carolina Alonso.