Thursday, October 28

La Palma registers a new 4.2 earthquake, the fifth of a similar magnitude in the last three days

The 24-hour monitoring volcanic surveillance network of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has registered this Wednesday, around 3:33 p.m. (Canary time), an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 at 36 kilometers deep in Fuencaliente, an earthquake that has been felt by the population. This would be the fifth earthquake greater than a magnitude 4 and the second strongest in the last three days.

The first of this series took place on October 10, at 12:54 p.m., in Mazo, 37 kilometers deep, and with magnitude 4.1. That same day, in Fuencaliente another one of 4.0 to 38 kilometers was scored at noon. The strongest of those registered in the last three days, 4.3, was also located in Villa de Mazo 38 kilometers away on Sunday night. The municipality trembled again on Tuesday, October 12, with a 4.1 earthquake at great depth, 37 kilometers.

The IGN located in the first seven hours of this Wednesday a total of 20 earthquakes in the surroundings of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, 6 of them with magnitudes greater than 3 (mbLg).

The maximum magnitude registered until 3:33 p.m. was 3.9 (mbLg) corresponding to the earthquake located southwest of the municipality of Villa de Mazo at 04:22. With intensity III EMS and a depth of 37 km, it was felt in Los Llanos, El Paso, Breña Alta, Tazacorte, Tijarafe, Breña Baja, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Garafía and Puntagorda.

Yesterday, 74 earthquakes were located, the largest of 4.1 mbLg, located southwest of the municipality of Villa de Mazo at 0825 hours. With intensity III-IV EMS and a depth of 37 km, this tremor was felt in almost the entire island.

As a consequence, last Saturday, from the collapse of the volcano cone, the lava flow is undergoing variations. So far there are three streams: the one that runs further north yesterday forced the preventive evacuation of 700/800 people; the other two languages, the original one barely has lava contribution and the second, further south, affects new constructions within the security perimeter.

The meteorological conditions yesterday favored the improvement of air quality, which allowed the lifting of the confinement of 3,500 people decreed last Monday. The airports of the Canary Islands are still operating, although the airlines are canceling operations to La Palma. The ash emission height reaches 3,500 meters and moves from the west turning east and south.

Seismicity continues with a depth of between 4 and 35 km and a maximum magnitude of 3.6. The volcanic tremor signal has increased, which could indicate higher gas content in the magma coming out of the eruptive center.

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