Saturday, September 18

La Palma trembles and magma skims the surface: earthquakes a kilometer deep in Fuencaliente and El Paso

La Palma continues to tremble as a result of the seismic swarm registered in Cumbre Vieja and the magma has come to brush the surface. Throughout last night, in approximately 12 hours, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has registered more than 200 events. Two of them, this morning, at 05.00 and 05.13 hours, in Fuencaliente, with a magnitude of 1.1 and 1.2 (respectively) on the mbLg scale, and only one kilometer deep. Likewise, at 4.36 am, also in the southern municipality, there was another 1.2-magnitude earthquake, two kilometers deep. Hours before, at 02.29, Fuencaliente was the epicenter of another movement of 1.3 magnitude three kilometers deep. In El Paso, at 6.38 am another earthquake was registered at a depth of one kilometer with a magnitude of 2.1.

So far, the earthquake of maximum intensity tonight, with a magnitude of 3.1, has taken place at 6.15 am in El Paso and is 9 kilometers deep.

The tremors have moved in a depth range of between 19 and a kilometer.

The scientific coordinator of the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan), Nemesio Pérez, explained this Tuesday to this newspaper that “what we currently have is a magmatic intrusion process, more or less like the previous ones, we are going to see how it evolves, because the processes 80% magmatic intrusion tends to remain in the subsoil and 20% magma reaches the surface generating a volcanic eruption ”. He stressed that “20% is not a negligible figure, but let’s see how this swarm evolves to see if we move within 80% or within 20%.”

“La Palma, obviously, will have a new volcanic process because we are talking about the Cumbre Vieja Volcano, the most active in the Canary Islands, with seven historical eruptions in the last 600 years, it is relatively young, so it is still under construction, but not we know when this process will take place ”, he stressed.

He explained that “knowing when a volcano is going to erupt is not an easy task, although it can be forecast a few days in advance, as long as all enough work is done to monitor volcanic activity.” “We are making all the necessary efforts to do a good job of monitoring and alert the population early,” he said.

The Cabildo de La Palma held a meeting with the island’s essential services on Tuesday afternoon in light of the increase in seismic activity in Cumbre Vieja. The president of the institution, Mariano Zapata, has indicated that “we have to be working, we cannot stop because we are in a yellow alert situation, we must keep calm and calm, but be prepared for what may happen, if it happens, most likely not, but the Cabildo machinery must always be kept greased and that is why we have held a meeting to review the different reports and plans to keep them fresh, up-to-date, for what may happen ”.

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