Thursday, October 28

La Palma volcano lava reaches the sea

The lava flow has reached the coast, in the area of ​​Playa del Perdido, this Tuesday, September 28, at 11:00 p.m. Maritime Rescue prohibits the passage of any ship within a distance of two miles from the coast and part of the 743 security and emergency personnel on land maintain an exclusion radius of 2 kilometers. The scientific committee of the Special Plan for Protection against Volcanic Risk of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) recommended establishing such perimeters because “at the moment when lava flows reach the coast, interaction with the ocean can generate explosions, gas emanations and detachment of the lava front ”.

La Palma volcano spreads its destruction in slow motion between scenes of helplessness

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At dawn this Monday, the confinement of four neighborhoods of Tazacorte was ordered: San Borondón, Marina Alta, Marina Baja and La Condesa, before the imminent arrival of the lava to the sea. The Pevolca also insists on not approaching the washings due to the risk of being exposed to the gases emitted, given the risk of possible landslides and high temperatures; It also highlights the importance of reinforcing information to the population so that they can take self-protection measures against the danger posed by the emission of ash from the eruptive centers.

The mayor of Tazacorte has affirmed that in 24 hours the lava from the volcano has advanced what it had not traveled in the whole of last week, when it seemed to have stagnated in the town of Todoque. However, since this Monday afternoon, when the volcano reactivated after a few hours inactive, the lava has been more fluid and has traveled the meters that separated it from the coast, about 2,000 meters, in a matter of hours.

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