Tuesday, October 26

La Palma volcano: the advance of the lava flow this Tuesday, seen from a drone

The drone of the Special Military Unit of the Government of Spain (UME) has managed to capture the enormous lava flow that is gradually advancing towards the Atlantic and that by this Tuesday has devastated more than 260 hectares of land and has destroyed up to 589 homes and 21 kilometers of roads.

DIRECT | Follow the last hour of the eruption of the new volcano on La Palma

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In the images shared by the Emergency and Security Center of the Government of the Canary Islands (CECOES 1-1-2), a tour is made over the Todoque neighborhood, devastated by the volcano. At the moment the mantle is located one kilometer from the sea, heading south of the Todoque mountain, the last orographic obstacle before reaching the sea.

The eruption has so far generated the evacuation of some 5,700 people, especially in the municipalities of Los Llanos de Aridane and El Paso, and has confined another 300 on the coast of Tazacorte in anticipation that the lava reaches the sea and may generate health problems from inhalation of gases.

The Cabildo de La Palma announced this Tuesday that it is forbidden to access the houses in the areas evacuated by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano to collect belongings.

In addition, farmers with farms located in the area of ​​Puerto Naos, El Remo and Las Hoyas with turns to irrigate will be able to access exclusively through the Jedey nucleus and the technical staff of the corporation will be in charge of cleaning the ashes in the evacuated properties. .

The corporation specifies that the Cabildo’s priority continues to be to avoid any risk to the population and therefore the cleaning of roads and emergency routes is being reinforced.


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