Monday, May 29

‘La Reina’: Christina Aguilera’s tribute to Vicente Fernández on her new EP

After the little taste he gave us at the end of 2021 with For my girls Y we are nothing, this January 21 premiered The force, the new album of Christina Aguilera where he takes up the rhythms with which he grew up to sing in Spanish again after twenty years.

The force includes six themes with which Aguilera explore Latin music in some of its different genres: boleros, tropical and urban rhythms, and even melodies rancheras they are the ones that make up his new EP; And speaking of rancheras, there is one song in honor of Vicente Fernández.

Christina included the topic The Queen alluding to one of the most popular songs of the Charro from Huentitan, in which she reverses the pride of being ‘the king’ (now ‘the queen’) despite all the obstacles that may arise for ‘a queen’, where empowerment is a key element.

The mariachi melodies create a great harmony with the sweet but powerful voice that characterizes one of the most important pop artists of the last decades.

Aguilera confessed in an interview with Los Angeles Times who decided to make this tribute to one of the most important artists in Mexico for his influence, but also because of the great friendship he maintains with Alejandro Fernández, with whom he worked for the song Today I want you, released in 2013.

“I feel a lot of love for Alejandro (Fernández). We have many years of friendship. The death of his father hurt me in my soul and I am very happy to have decided to include the ranchera that I recorded on this first album. Is a tribute to all those who have put Mexican music in the place where it is today, especially Vicente Fernández”, expressed the singer.

“Is the queen who celebrates the music of ‘The king”, he added. “This album is for my Latin ancestors in Ecuador, for all of us who love Latin culture, even for those of us who, like me, have lost confidence in our Spanish because we don’t speak it constantly,” said the 41-year-old artist.

The first (and only) material with which we had seen Aguilera sing verses in Spanish was My reflection, released in the year 2000 and which includes songs like Trapped genie, But I remember you Y Forever you, with which he achieved great success not only in the United States, but also in Spanish-speaking countries.