Friday, January 28

La Rioja anticipates the closure of hotels and nightlife due to the advance of the pandemic

The pandemic continues to advance in the sixth wave with the increase in infections and communities are taking restrictions. In La Rioja, the Government has called an extraordinary meeting to evaluate the Covid data and take a series of measures, such as the advancement of the closure of the hotel and nightlife industry or the extension of the use of the COVID passport.

“The growing number of cases makes the health system begin to receive pressure that requires our attention,” said the Minister of Sustainability and Ecological Transition and spokesman for the Government of La Rioja, Álex Dorado Nájera.

“The reality is different from that of previous waves,” he explained from the Riojan government. “Right now most of the infections are occurring at family and friends gatherings.” Due to the current epidemiological context, it is important to increase the percentages of vaccination coverage, but also to comply with control measures such as ventilation, hand hygiene and a mask, but we estimate that this is not enough, since in La Rioja we are experiencing an increase exponential cases “, they point out.

For this reason, they have adopted “mitigation measures” that “allow the peak of the current wave to be reached.” The measures, which will come into force as of this Wednesday, are the following:

  • Extend the use of the covid passport to people over 12 years of age in hospitals and residences, venues and nightclubs, restaurants, mass events indoors, in bingo halls, gaming and betting halls and recreational halls, as well as in tourist accommodation or gyms. This measure must await the response of the Justice.
  • Nightlife closing, sale of alcoholic and recreational beverages from 1:00 to 6:00.
  • In bars, cafes and restaurants it is recommended that all consumption be carried out at tables of up to 10 people with a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Use of a mandatory mask at all times except at the specific moment of consumption.
  • For events with more than 500 people indoors and 1,000 outdoors, crowds should be avoided.
  • The consumption of food and beverages in the cinema is allowed with a minimum distance of one seat between living communities
  • Teleworking is recommended whenever possible.

After the Christmas celebrations, Spain adds 214,619 new positives for covid since Thursday, raising the cumulative incidence above a thousand (1,206 cases to 14 days) for the first time in the entire pandemic. The total number of infections since March 2020 is on the verge of reaching 6 million, and the deceased are close to 90,000.

Surpassing 2,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, Navarra (2,339) and La Rioja (2,145) are the communities with the highest incidence, with the Basque Country touching 1,921 cases and another eight autonomies over a thousand. Several communities in the north are adopting a common response to the pandemic and have already published the restrictions they will take.