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LAB accuses Mercedes-Benz of “blackmailing the workforce” and encourages them to vote “with conviction” against the agreement

The LAB union has accused the management of Mercedes-Benz de Vitoria of wanting to “blackmail the workforce” and has encouraged them to vote no “with conviction and enthusiasm” in the consultation that will take place this Monday. The workers will vote on the pre-agreement of the collective agreement reached this week by the leadership and the union majority made up of UGT, CCOO, Ekintza and PIM. The minority made up of ELA, LAB and ESK has not joined.

The management and the majority union of Mercedes-Benz denounce “threats, coercion and aggression” to workers

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In a statement collected by Europa Press, the LAB union, critical of the agreement, has questioned why “a company with tens of millions of benefits cannot guarantee the purchasing power of its staff”, as well as “why it wants to establish a discriminatory work model of 12 hours without needing it”. After denouncing that in recent days “pressure from many areas towards workers” has increased to condition Monday’s referendum, he considers that it is the management of Mercedes-Benz “that must give explanations.” “After reaching 62 million euros in benefits in 2021, why can’t you guarantee the purchasing power of workers? By distributing 265 million euros in dividends, how do they want to implement a new discriminatory labor model working 12 hours ”, he has questioned.

For the trade union center, it is not “an economic problem” but “the company wants to blackmail the workforce.” “Investments in exchange for losing purchasing power and maintaining discrimination. But the investments do not depend and cannot depend on the worsening of the working conditions of the workforce”, he has censored. For LAB, as the response from the workforce has been “forceful”, the “pressures are multiplying”, both “from the company and from some unions and institutions”.

“That is why LAB wants to ask these unions and institutions, led by Urkullu, directly why they admit so easily that workers have to lose purchasing power. What message do they send to society, especially to youth, if they take it for granted that Should new hires be paid less, both in the new labor model and in the current one?” he asked. Finally, he has asked the workers to vote no “with conviction and enthusiasm”, as well as to address “new mobilizations” and resume the negotiation so that “in the final agreement it responds to the demands of the workforce”.

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