Wednesday, December 8

LABITCONF 2021: How to use Bitcoin in everyday life

Although it is recommended to use the national virtual wallet to operate, from the airport you can already identify ATMs that allow you to withdraw money with Bitcoin with real-time conversion, or even use third-party products to operate in the country, as long as when it’s BTC, of ​​course.

In fact, we took the audacity to use our crypto card at their merchants and … it worked!

What’s more, It is important to note that the first day of the La Bitconf event panels was free for Salvadoran residents, this with the aim of accelerating the adoption and education of the new digital economy in the country. They were given access to great exponents of the ecosystem and all the information that the event entails.

In that sense, I point out the participation of Salvadorans, both the exhibitors and those who went to participate as listeners, since the spirit in constant search of new businesses tied to the implementation of the Bitcoin law for a better implementation at the national level is noted. and global.

From the moment you step on the event you can see a proliferation of creativity of projects based on blockchain in relation to video games, art, music, scalability, payment methods, and others more focused on improving daily issues of daily life and business (HR area, payments, etc.), innovative ideas in the hands of people with great potential in search of continuing to improve and develop personally.

So much so that I could even be part (and take a photo) of the experience with the Bitcoineta: a group of people who do not belong to any ideology or company who travel throughout Latin America teaching about Bitcoin and helping ordinary people to understand the use of this technology. They seek to reach places that naturally large corporations would not reach and that would really benefit from the implementation of this technology.

The desire to innovate in the Latin American ecosystem is lived very closely. The event turned out to be a key tool for networking where all the players related to crypto talk, debate and look for the best ways to work together, generate disruption and create new trends that support the fostering of the ecosystem. I also highlight the technological HUB created in Bitcoin Beach, the place where BTC was adopted for the first time as a means of payment, before the bill.

There is a very clear objective in the crypto ecosystem that the event managed to bring together in one place: to generate a positive impact in every corner through blockchain technology.

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