Sunday, May 28

Labor blames the Ministry of Finance for breaking the agreement with labor improvements for the Inspection

The Ministry of Labor blames the Treasury and Public Function for breaking the agreement with labor improvements of the Labor Inspectorate. One day after the unions of the public body requested the resignation of Yolanda Díaz due to the delay in these measures, Labor has informed the representatives of the staff that they will not comply with a surprising refusal from the Ministry of María Jesús Montero yesterday at night, after months of negotiations.

The unions initiate strikes at the Labor Inspectorate and threaten an indefinite strike in June


Trabajo thus signals the Public Function to refuse to put into practice the promised new list of jobs (RPT) –key in the professional categories, functions and the new personnel organization chart– in the Labor Inspectorate, which was agreed in July 2021. From the department of Yolanda Díaz they claim to have a “deep discomfort” with the other wing of the Government.

On the other hand, from the Ministry of Public Function they assure that “it continues to work normally with the Ministry of Labor, in the same way that it has done and does with the rest of the ministries, with the aim of expanding the number of troops of the Inspection of Labor to reinforce its important work”.

Sources of the negotiation point to possible political reasons in the blocking of the agreement in the Labor Inspectorate, with new improvements in exchange for the personnel in ministries of the socialist sector, such as Social Security and Justice, and not in this department, which is led by United Can.

The unions: “It’s a disaster, we don’t believe anything”

“It is a disaster, there is no new list of jobs, nor is it expected,” say union sources after the meeting this afternoon with the Ministry of Labor, which has led the ‘number two’ of Yolanda Díaz, the Secretary of State of Employment, Joaquín Pérez Rey.

“We no longer believe anything,” the unions respond about the reasons why an agreement that was already signed has been dynamited and about which Labor has been saying for months that it would be applied “imminently.”

Given the delay, the unions of the Inspection began days of protests against both departments of the Government, even with a complaint before the European Commission. They also organized rallies in front of the Labor and Public Function headquarters and the call for several days of strike, the first in the public body. Lastly, they have started a series of partial strikes since May and are threatening an indefinite strike from June 26.

“Perhaps we will have to negotiate with the next government”, lament the unions, who insist on pointing to both ministries of the coalition government, both Labor and the Public Function, as those responsible for the breach of the agreement with labor improvements signed almost two years ago. years. Tomorrow, Thursday, there is a press conference in front of the General Directorate of Public Function in Madrid.

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