Tuesday, September 28

Labor insists on raising the minimum wage since September 1 and will continue to negotiate with social agents

Negotiations on raising the minimum wage continue. The Ministry of Labor has given more time to try to reach an agreement in the social dialogue with employers and unions, after the meeting held this Monday morning ended without an agreement. Without agreement, but with approaches, sources present at the meeting explain. The parties “continue to negotiate informally” to try to reach a consensus on a rise, which, according to what they explain from Labor, would be applied from “September 1,” which is why they reject the increase in October that Nadia Calviño has defended today.

The Ministry of Labor thus opens to expand the negotiation with social agents, which was expected to close at the meeting this Monday. That is to say, the Government gives more time to the businessmen to agree on the rise, which are the ones who have opposed outright to date an increase in the SMI. This Monday, it seems that the employer’s rejection is not so frontal, explain sources of social dialogue, and that is why the parties have decided to give themselves a little more time to try to reach a common point.

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, recalled this morning from Asturias that the Government has the competence to raise the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) with a “simple consultation” with the social agents, but that the Government’s intention has It has been from the beginning to agree on the increase.

“The day is going to be long,” Yolanda Díaz predicted about the negotiations. The vice president and leader of United We Can within the Executive has asked employers and unions an “effort” to agree to increase the lowest wages, so that “the weakest” are not left behind from the economic recovery after the worst moments of the pandemic.


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